"Beautiful Alamedas" is a beautiful villa nearby the "Riberas de Castronuño-Vega de Duero"  Wildlife Sanctuary. Inside the village, the house has capability for 13 people in winter and 15 on summer. One of our activities is the Winetourism. We make wine tastings on our wine tasting room and we guide our costumers to the D.O. Toro, Rueda and Ribera de Duero. We welcome you with our delicious home made breakfasts, and the "La Malvasía" restaurant cooks its own dishes designed by its own chef Ángel Otero.

The house is provided with a GROUND FLOOR with FOUR ROOMS: THREE DOUBLE (TWIN) ROOMS and ONE TRIPLE ROOM. The four rooms are provided with ensuite bathrooms; kitchen; dining-room; living-room, and, straight, you will find the garden.



  BLUE ROOM                                               DIAPER CHANGER TABLE


 ORANGE ROOM                                           OCHRE ROOM


PINK ROOM                                               LOFT BEDS


LOFT BEDS                                               LOFT BEDS                                 

A patio goes up to a LOFT-SUITE (an old restored loft). It is provided with four beds, ensuite bathroom, kitchen, dining-room, and living-room.

A 500 square metres GARDEN with an enormous PORCH (fountains and wooden furniture.)

A WINE TASTING ROOM, which is on the garden too.

A PARKING in front of the backyard door, at "Ronda" street. It has enough room to park cars and 13 bicycles.

Here, you will find, besides the gallery, more pictures of the ground floor and the loft for you in order to have an idea of the house DISTRIBUTION.


At the left picture, you have the ground floor kitchen and, at the right photo, the two tables that work out as dining room on this ground floor and it keeps straight to the living-room, the dessert trolley, and the door that opens to the garden. Also, on the right picture, you can see the patio, which goes up to the loft.


The left picture shows the kitchen tables on the ground floor, and they have been taken from the living-room. The door that you can see is the one which opens to the ochre room, and the space drives to the blue and orange room, and also to the main entrance of the house.

The right picture has been taken from the window which opens to the garden and the door that you can see is the one that opens to the pink room.


The picture on the right shows the perspective from the tables to the end of the living room. We have opened the ground floor living-room door on the picture at the left for you to see the way it is linked to the garden.


The picture on the left shows the stairs which go up to the loft and the picture on the right shows, from the patio, the big window that lights the tables of the ground floor.


The picture on the left shows the entrance to the loft and, the picture on the right shows the opposite side, which is the kitchen loft.

We will be delighted to have you with us and take care of you :-)




This is what we understand by refinement; a place with "magic and charming corners". Small dreams which build our memories. Flashes that we take and exhibit as small pieces of heaven.


(Parts of the porch)